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Tanning can have a huge effect on how a competitor looks on stage. While the tan itself is not ‘judged’ it does affect the overall presentation of the athlete, definition and the ability of the judges to see muscle separation.  We recommenced you use the ICN Official tanners to take care of your tanning; or an approved product, do not use Dream Tan products. That way you know you’ll get a great result. 
The stage walks are required for Bikini, Sport, Fitness, Men’s Fitness, Runway, Angels and Swimsuit will be the Judges first impression of you and the Head Judge will use these to formulate his top contenders for call outs.
It pays to remember that the minute you step on stage you are being judged so make sure you are ‘on’ all the time. Relaxed pose doesn’t mean look like you’re standing in the line to get your fish and chips.
The stage walks for all other classes are a chance for you to have stage time and some fun while you are being introduced to the audience and judges but remember what I said above – Judges are always watching with a critical eye.

No. This is private information which is shared only with the individuals who were tested. It is up to individual athletes if they wish to shared their results, many have in the past.

Yes. However, you should bear in mind the criteria for each division.  Allowing competitors to compete across Divisions means they can find where their physique best fits and get feedback on their performance in different Divisions.
Yes. Anyone can participate in Transformation and start anytime AFTER the 1st of January. There was a lot of publicity around the start date for Transformation in late December but if you missed it all is not lost. If you have a photo taken on or after the 1st of January this can be used as your Before photo. It just needs to be date stamped to give the Judges a good view of your body shape and condition at that time. The After pictures will be taken in the week prior to comp. So the week of the competition.
ICN doesn’t use weight criteria.
In terms of definition you can use this as a guiding factor when you are choosing which Division to enter. Bikini has the least amount of definition (no 6 pack in Bikini but we do want a tight midsection and flat tummy) while Figure and Bodybuilding have the most. Sport and Fitness Model require muscle separation and definition through the midsection.

No. We have our play list and will have that pumping for you to strut your stuff to.

First timer means you have never entered a bodybuilding competition before in any federation – EVER. You may be a First Timer in multiple divisions providing you have never competed before for any federation.

Novice means you have not won (placed first) as a Novice or Open competitor in that division in an ICN competition previously. If you placed first in a small Novice class (i.e. 1-2 competitors) we will allow you to enter Novice at your next competition. When entering please bear in mind that a Novice is someone relatively new to competing. If you have been competing for several years, or you regularly enter the Open division of other federations and have won either Open or Overall titles in other federations, we encourage you to enter the Open class in ICN NZ competitions.

Yes. Priority is on firm tight glutes, quads and hamstrings with some separation but not the degree you would see in Figure.

At this stage we will only be offering 40+ unless we have a large number of entries in the 40+ division with a significant number over 50 then I will split the class into 40+ and 50+

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Not at this stage, open to all-natural competitors. *Future nationals may require an athlete to qualify.

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ICN strives to implement fair, unbiased judging at all competitions that reward the hard-earned efforts of our athletes, their support networks and coaches and upholds the integrity of ICN New Zealand and ICN Worldwide.

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