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May 28th, 2022

The Great Lake Muscle & Model Championships 2022

Great Lake Centre
5 Story Place, Taupo



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Natural Bodybuilding Competitions

ICompete Natural New Zealand Ltd, welcome athletes to join the ICN federation of natural bodybuilders.  We encourage athletes to come to one of our shows to find out who ICN is and what we are all about.  Our main and primary focus is about you the athlete, our shows are about making your hard preparation that much more enjoyable when you enter one of our natural bodybuilding competitions.  Talk to any athlete that has competed in our shows and they will tell you the same.  We look forward to seeing you in one of our natural bodybuilding new zealand competitions in the future.

To enter an ICN event, login to your ICN Members portal.  Note: You need to be a premium member to enter any National or International Event


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When Wayne McDonald was encouraged to develop natural bodybuilding in Australia, he was ready to take the challenge and make a difference in the sport of bodybuilding. On a blank piece of paper, he planned a bodybuilding organisation, that we know now as ICN.

Read more about how our founder Wayne McDonald, went from writing for top bodybuilding and fitness magazines to running the first ICN show in 1991.

New Zealand's Fastest Growing Natural Bodybuilding Federation

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Mission Statement

ICompete Natural New Zealand’s aim is to provide a platform for competitive bodybuilders and fitness models who choose a 100% natural path, free from performance-enhancing substances, when training, preparing for competition and competing. We aim to provide natural bodybuilders and fitness models with opportunities to compete against each other in drug-tested events in New Zealand.

Vision Statement

ICompete Natural New Zealand will become the organisation of choice for natural bodybuilders and fitness models wishing to compete against other natural athletes in drug-tested events.