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Gina McNeely – From Bloated to Bodybuilder

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Gina has competed in the ICN federation on a number of occasions and has been very successful on the stage. Gina is a first-class athlete who always brings her best and is always tough competition in her classes.

We thought that we would share this recent story of Gina McNeely in celebration of the hard work and effort that goes into this sport. Well Done Gina, from your ICN Family.



“Gina says”

“If you haven’t heard my story before please go out and buy this edition.

I am so very grateful to all who have inspired me supported and spurred me on in this journey I love and adore you all and you have all had apart of helping me grow and become the woman I am today.

I hope this inspires many others to go chase their dreams and no matter what life throws at you, you are stronger than you can possibly imagine.”

In stores Now – Go grab yourself a read.

When Gisborne mum Gina McNeely takes the stage, her family is right there cheering her on as she flexes her muscular 55kgs frame in a series of poses. “My girls think I’m Superwoman,” the champion bodybuilder says, her voice tinged with pure pride. That’s because just a few short years ago, Gina, now 45, was struggling with her weight and the mental toll her bad habits were taking. To read the full story go out and buy this month edition.